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The problem with MSK care today

MSK care costs are rising, comprising 30-50% of many health insurers and pension companies’ total expenses, making cost control difficult without sacrificing member quality.

The solution

Tech-enabled physiotherapy solutions, using personal therapists and AI exercise plans, cut costs and improve outcomes and satisfaction for your members.

Partner results
Satisfied patients
50 %
Total savings
10 %
Our approach to MSK Treatment

Our approach is based on the philosophy that great healthcare is personalized and focused on you — the person in pain. We begin by addressing each patient’s unique needs and dynamically adapt the treatment as the individual progresses and heals.

Personalized and expert guidance from start to finish

Injurymap connects partner members with our team of expert physiotherapists through online video or in-person consultations. Each member is assigned to their own personal physiotherapist who oversees the treatment process from beginning to end.

AI-driven precision treatment and optimal outcomes

The clinically approved Injurymap app ensures structured and adaptive physiotherapy treatment for our patients. The AI develops personalized and self-adjusting exercise programs based on the individual’s specific injuries, fitness, and pain level for optimal treatment outcomes.

Empower patients to understand and manage their own injuries

Injurymap provides a comprehensive digital resource hub for patients seeking to manage their injuries more effectively. It contains detailed information on specific injuries, anticipated recovery timelines, and strategies to maintain an active lifestyle while recovering, along with tips to prevent future pain.

How it works
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Patient results
of patients are pain-free within 2 months
40 %
50 %
total pain reduction on average
50 %
Why choose Injurymap?

Deliver effective treatment when it matters, not when it’s too late.

Injurymap offers personalized, high-quality hybrid physiotherapy with a focus on patient-specific needs. It combines expert-led online and in-person consultations with an AI-powered app for tailored exercise programs, ensuring effective treatment and recovery support, while lowering overall costs.


Digital Physiotherapy
Injurymap provides a top-rated app with AI-guided, clinically approved exercise programs that are personalized and recommended by general practitioners, offering flexible, guided self-treatment to members.

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Injurymap solutions - Digital physiotherapy

Online Physiotherapy
Injurymap combines online video consultations with physiotherapists and adaptive AI-led training programs for a flexible and effective online physiotherapy solution.

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Injurymap solutions - online physiotherapy

Hybrid Physiotherapy
Injurymap offers personalized treatment integrating manual therapy when needed, along with online video consultations and app-based AI-led training programs, catering to various patient needs and conditions.

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Injurymap solutions - hybrid physiotherapy

Combined chiro-physio treatment
Injurymap’s comprehensive approach merges chiropractic treatments for initial relief with exercise-based online physiotherapy, offering effective, cost-efficient solutions for customers and insurers.

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Injurymap solutions - combined physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment

Complex conditions
Injurymap addresses the high treatment costs faced by pension companies for clients on long-term sick leave with complex physical and mental issues, offering tech-enabled, holistic treatment for multiple areas of pain.

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Injurymap solutions - complex conditions
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