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Get back to enjoying your everyday life without the discomfort of pain. 

Transform your rehabilitation into a simple and manageable process with a personalized program that self-adjusts to suit your specific needs.

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Health Plan Providers

Tailored for health insurers and pension companies, our digital and hybrid physiotherapy solutions enhance patient outcomes and streamline care. Explore our products and learn how we offer cost-effective and easily integrated options for your health plans.

Don't let pain stop you from doing the things you love
We’re on a mission to defeat muscle and joint pain by creating better results for patients, higher satisfaction, and saving costs for everyone.
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Access Injurymap’s personalized workout programs, designed by specialist doctocs and based on the newest medical research.

With more than 350+ exercises, Injurymap covers all major body areas with dynamic treatment that self-adjusts based on your pain and fitness level. 

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Enhanced solutions for health plan providers

Injurymap offers premium digital and hybrid physiotherapy solutions for health insurance and pension companies. Our products are designed to improve patient outcomes and streamline care, offering cost-effective and easily integrated options for your health plans.

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