A Guide to Better Sleep: How to rest well when you’re in pain

Sleep is an integral, yet often overlooked, part of health and wellbeing. Especially when you’re dealing with physical pain, it can be difficult and sometimes even impossible to meet the recommended seven hours a night. Although it’s a personal struggle, it is not an uncommon problem. There are things that you can do to help yourself sleep better. Here, we’ve gathered some insights and tips on how to improve your sleep.

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Many of us struggle with sleep — it’s a vicious cycle. You might lay down with the best intentions, and then, as the minutes pass by it becomes more and more stressful, thinking to yourself “Why aren’t I asleep yet?” which only ever keeps you up longer. Add to that the feelings of uncomfort or physical exhaustion and pain, and it doesn’t take long to start feeling burnt out in your everyday life.

Sleep is important for our general well being, both mentally and physically. When you’re recovering from an injury or living with chronic pain, sleep is even more important precisely because recovery calls for a strengthened mind-body relationship. Good sleep can help with this, but that also means poor sleep can hurt.

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