Refer your patients to Injurymap

Injurymap is CE marked as a medical device. The app has a 14 day trial period and costs 3.49€/month with a doctor referral.


Injurymap is developed by experienced specialist doctors. The app’s algorithm takes into account each patient’s strengths and weaknesses and ensure a healthy progression. The 12 programs each include around 50 exercises that increase mobility, strength, agility and stability. The programs cover more than 70 diagnoses.

Achilles tendon / Pain in the back of the heel
Ankle / Ankle pain
Back / Back pain
Back / Back pain with radiation into the legs
Elbow / Elbow pain
Heel and foot sole / Pain under the heel or foot
Hip / Pain in the hip joint
Hip / Pain in and around the hip and groin
Knee / Pain on the inside of the knee
Knee / Pain on the outside of the knee
Neck / Neck pain
Shoulder / Shoulder pain